Beaver Island

Evidence suggests that Beaver Island was inhabited by natives 2,200 years ago. Excellent fishing resources led to the establishment of two trading posts on the island in the 1800’s. This local attraction has hiking trails that lead to historic cabins and farms, The Old Mormon Print Shop Museum, and the Marine Museum.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the island. The Beaver Island Bike Festival takes you on a tour of the island to showcase its scenery. For a day out on the water, look to Inland Seas School of Kayaking, offering excursions along the shore of Beaver Island. Bonadeo’s Beaver Island Boat Charters offers lighthouse and shipwreck tours, island cruises, custom cruises and more.


Friske Orchards

Open year round, there’s always something happening at Friske Orchards. Shop the fruit stand, bakery, cafe, general store, and country haus. Enjoy Friske Orchards’ many festive events, including spring blossom tours and fall color tours. Kids will enjoy playing on the orchard playground (which features a real farm tractor, an over-sized sand box, and more) and visiting the petting zoo. Don’t forget to embark on a nature walk and take a stroll through the orchards.


Deadman’s Hill

This scenic overlook presents views of the valley below and the hills in the distance. In the fall, color viewing from Deadman’s Hill is exceptional.


Castle Farms

Castle Farms is listed on both the National and State Historic Registries and plays host to many community events and shows. Both self-guided and guided tours of this French Renaissance castle and the castle grounds are offered. The romanticism of this local attraction make it a popular site for proposals and weddings.


Short’s Brewing Company

Short’s Brewing Company was founded in 2004 in Bellaire, Michigan and has since grown to be the 4th largest brewery in Michigan. Enjoy Short’s various beers on tap in the brewery, including specialty and seasonal beers, then pick up some bottled six packs to enjoy at home. Short’s offers growler refills as well. Prefer a meal with your brew? Stop by the pub for a bite to eat.


Charlevoix Fountain of Youth

The Charlevoix Fountain of Youth is located in downtown Charlevoix and was opened in July 2008. The Fountain of Youth measures 30 feet in diameter and features 23 programmable water nozzles, LED light fixtures, and a center nozzle that shoots water up to 30 feet in the air.

From 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. the fountain is open for public access. Supervised children are permitted to play in the fountain. From 9:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. the fountain displays a choreographed music, light, and water show on the half hour. The fountain typically remains functional from mid-May through mid-October, weather permitting.


Charlevoix South Pier Lighthouse

The South Pier has been home to this historic lighthouse since 1914. In recent years, the lighthouse has been re-painted to its characteristic red color. The lighthouse is still in use. Close access is available via the South Pier in Charlevoix; however, the lighthouse itself is not open to the public.

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